VMST - Office School

Course description

The office school is designed for anyone who wants to progress in the labour market by developing their skills through increased education and for those returning to work after a career break. The program is also ideal as preparation for accounting studies. The purpose of the program is to improve self-confidence in handling general office work and to promote a positive attitude towards further study. The program focuses on teaching effective learning strategies to strengthen self-confidence and life skills. The program  is funded by the Education and Training Service Centre (ETSC).

The price for this course is 15.000 (full price is 60.000 but the rest is sponsored by the Directorate of Labour).

Note: This course is taught in english.

Course objectives

• Computer and information technology
• Business calculus
• Accounting
• Computer accounting
• Skills portfolio and CV
• Study diary and goal setting
• Study skills
• Communication
• Services
• Final project

Learning Outcomes

The student is expected to have a knowledge and understanding of:

• Key aspects of general office work with an emphasis on services and accounting
• Accounting structure
• Business calculus

The student shall be able to:

• Perform general office work with an emphasis on services and accounting
• Calculate VAT, percentages and reconcile accounts

The student must be able to apply the general knowledge and skills he/she has acquired to:

• Provide good customer service
• Record and reconcile financial accounts
• Perform general accounting tasks and office work in a professional manner

Admission Requirements

You must be 18 years old or older. Students who have not completed upper-secondary school will be given priority.

Study Structure

Group sessions are taught in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 08:30-12:00. Some homework is required. Blended learning will be a part of this program. There are no exams, but an 80% attendance rate is required to graduate. We offer live distance learning which means that you can study with us wherever you are in the world.

Length of studies

240 lessons or 160 hours.


You can receive up to 18 credits at the upper secondary school level for your studies.

Online course or Classroom - the choice is yours

This course is held at our location at Skeifan 11b but it is also possible to attend remotely with Microsoft Teams. We don‘t care where you are - we just want you to attend whether you are in Reykjavík or abroad.

Remote attendes always have a reserved seat in the classroom if they decide to show up in person.

Note: Attendance is required (on site/remote)

What´s needed to attend this class?


Internet connection (4G or better)

Headset with microphone


Extra monitor is nice to have

What´s included?

All course materials

Software (Microsoft Teams, Office 365 online, Mindmanager).


►Required attendance: Participants must attend at the very least 80% of all classes to pass (remotely or on site).
►This course is only available for those who are clients of Vinnumálastofnun (VMST) and have unemployment benefits.