VMST - Information and Technical service

Course description

The program is based on studying practical topics related to technical service for customers and colleagues. Emphasis is placed on building basic knowledge of hardware, operating systems, software, and networks.

The price for this course is 20.000 (full price is 80.000 but the rest is sponsored by the Directorate of Labour).

Note: This course is taught in english (the teacher speaks english).

Course objectives

  1. Study techniques

    The course begins with an introduction and after that students will be taught study techniques where they gain knowledge of diverse ways to achieve better results while studying. Students also receive training in the use of various tools that are useful in improving academic achievement, as well as introducing methods for goal setting and time management.

  2. Communication, confidence, and appearance

    The purpose of this topic is that students acquiring good skills in expression and behavior, learn to listen actively and how to criticize as well as being able to accept criticism. Students receive training aimed at building and strengthening self-confidence as well as introducing methods for better communication.

  3. Business relationship - service

    Students will gain skills in how to ensure a positive relationship with customers and how the sales process is structured. In addition, important aspects of customer service are addressed.

  4. Project management

    Fundamentals of project management are covered. Various concepts are introduced, set goals and scope, planning, prioritization the project and project breakdown structure. Students also learn to use the MindManager program for project management and receive the program for free (value ISK 35,000).

  5. Computer and information skills

    In this course we will learn about computer knowledge that are necessary to have a good understanding of comprehensive office work. We will start by looking into the Windows computer system, how to take care of archiving in the Windows environment and cover the main settings of the operating system that powerful computer users need to know. The main programs that are covered are Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Emphasis is also placed on students learning to use cloud solutions and Office 365 for communication and teamwork.

  6. Computer maintenance
  7. Servers and Operating systems 
  8. Networking
  9. Security systems
  10. Final project

    At the end of the study program, students are presented with a comprehensive final project that addresses the main points that have been covered in the seminar. Students get the opportunity to design a product or service from scratch, estimate costs and profitability and how to market the product. Students need to demonstrate that they can take advantage of all aspects of the study. gthen knowledge and increase in sales, marketing or starting their own business.

Admission Requirements

You must be 18 years old or older. Students who have not completed upper-secondary school will be given priority.

Study Structure

Group sessions are taught in the mornings on Mondays & Wednesdays at 12:30-16:30 (some Saturdays from 09:00-16:00). Blended learning will be a part of this program. Some homework is required, there are no exams, but an 80% attendance rate is required to graduate. We offer live distance learning which means that you can study with us wherever you are in the world.


You can receive up to 17 credits at the upper secondary school level for your studies.

Online course or Classroom - the choice is yours

This course is held at our location at Skeifan 11b but it is also possible to attend remotely with Microsoft Teams. We don‘t care where you are - we just want you to attend whether you are in Reykjavík or abroad.

Remote attendes always have a reserved seat in the classroom if they decide to show up in person.

Note: Attendance is required (on site/remote)

What´s needed to attend this class?


Internet connection (4G or better)

Headset with microphone


Extra monitor is nice to have

What´s included?

All course materials

Software (Microsoft Teams, Office 365 online, MindManager).


►Required attendance: Participants must attend at the very least 80% of all classes to pass (remotely or on site).
►This course is only available for those who are clients of Vinnumálastofnun (VMST) and have unemployment benefits.